Profile Picture 101

In a sea of pictures, how to take the perfect profile picture that will float your next date’s boat.

→ Clean up your background. We have all seen those pictures of people who forgot to check what was behind them before posting a picture (Hi Grandma in a two piece bathing suit!). Choose one with a neutral background.


→ Use your profile picture to show your personality. It is an opportunity at a glance for matches to size up your personality.  We already know you  are great, now show it off in your profile picture!


→ Group pictures are fun but not as a main profile picture. Potential matches are happy to know that you’re not spending your days sulking in a dark basement. But being good at “Where is  Waldo?” is not a trait you are looking for in a future match.  Keep it light and tasteful!


→ Dogs, cats, baby giraffes, iguanas, all animals are a hit when included in a profile picture.  They show your tender side and are a great start to a conversation.   Just make sure you are not being perceived as “the cat lady”!



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